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Episode 76: Tahoe (2013)


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This week on the program I am joined by three guests, .netter Brian Feller, and “Rory” and Ben (aka Guy Forget) from Online Phish Tour. On this episode we tackle just two shows, our easiest “load” of the summer. It is nearly impossible to give a proper introduction to the epic Tweezer jam from night two which is easily the highlight of (insert some length of time that you choose). But don’t let the Tweezer overshadow the rest of this stop on tour. In fact, we found quite a few other great clips to showcase.

Stay tuned for our final show of the summer (before Dick’s) when I host Chris Glushko and some TBD guests in wrapping up summer tour with our review of the Bill Graham and Hollywood Bowl shows.

Thanks for listening,

- Steve

Show Notes:

Episode 76

Title: Tahoe (2013)

Date: 08/08/2013

Host / Producer: Stephen Olker

Guests: Brian Feller, Rory and Ben from OPT.

Run Time: 1:34:09

File Size: 111 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Episode 76: Tahoe (2013)

  1. Clips:
    01. Gin 08:20 > 09:00
    02. 46 Days 04:10 > 05:50
    03. BORW 03:50 > 5:50
    04. Ghost 05:00 > 7:30
    05. Weekapaug 04:45 > 06:15
    06. Stash 07:00 > 10:00
    07. Tweezer 14:30 > 18:30
    08. Tweezer 22:15 > 26:15
    09. Tweezer 26:20 > 29:30
    10. Tweezer 32:45 > 35:00
    11. Antelope 05:15 > 07:30
    12. (outro) Tweezer 35:06 > 36:47

  2. I am such a HUGE fan of this podcast; I have listened to pretty much every show and frequently re-listen to last year’s ‘Convince a Musician'(Drew Hitz is the man) and Tournament Shows. Thank you guys so much for your work- I met Justin Wendt after a Micky Hart show in Grand Rapids last summer and he talked about how much prep work that you guys put in and I am really appreciative at the service you provide for the Phandom. That being said, here goes:

    Um, falling into the trend where you don’t voice your opinion until you’re BUGged, but I feel that I have to speak against (to an certain extent) the sentiment against the 09, 10 people’s opinion that you dis. Man I wish I would have heard about Phish before the Breakup (I was born in 86) and had attended some, I guess 2.0 shows based on my time in life (though that may have been a waste, right Mr. Olker?). My then girlfriend and now wife got me into Phish in 06 and 07 and when I first saw them in 09 and 10, those shows constituted my peak (to that point) musical experiences having mainly gone to RHCP, 311 and OAR concerts. I think I voiced the very opinion you guys spoke out against after one of the New Years 11 shows on .Net (I’m TheWiggler). IDK dudes but to see Phish was (and continues to be) a dream come true (as I’m sure you can no doubt empathize with) and I said to anyone who would listen afterward “This is the best live music in the world.” I know it’s kinda apples and oranges with 09 and 10 stacked up against 94 and 97 but I restate my opinion that it isn’t unbecoming to offer the opinion that hey, we are just so very lucky these guys strap in on for our enJOYment (not plugging the song) 30 years after they first formed. We’re so darn lucky; the crux of what I’m trying to convey is don’t dismiss, especially after one of the all-time highlights of band’s career, that sentiment, because I have (barring my abortive orginal trek to Toronto?Chicago night 1) never not felt extremely grateful after a show. I so badly wish I could have been there back in the day (with you old guys; hasn’t there been commentary before about how their audience is aging?) and while I totally respect attemping to be objective (which as a fan of iicast I love), the closing remarks to this week’s installment about the dismissiveness between objectivity and sentiment (once again) BUGged me.

    Respectfully, Nick

    P.S. If you want to know what concerts to skip, apprently don’t go to the one’s I attend (barring last year’s Star Lake). I’ll concede, listening to 3.0 I haven’t been to the sonically best shows. I used to terrorize the Southeast, and the last couple years since I’ve moved back to my hometown Detroit (insert joke), it’s the midwest.

    P.P.S During the offseason I think it would be cool to have a discussion on the top 10 3.0 shows. Gotta submit Dick’s 12, Gyutica, New Years 10, and this year’s SPAC and Gorge in context.

    Thanks for the time, Steve and Co., I gotta reiterate that you guys are the absolute tits. Keep it up!

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