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Episode 78: Dicks (2013)


Link to Episode 78

Summer tour has come to a close and there is never a better way to go out than with some Dick’s. Phish loves Dick’s. Of course I’m referring to the Labor Day weekend tradition of playing three shows in Denver at Dick’s Sporting Goods Arena. As the trend goes, the band uses Friday night to communicate a message to the fans by spelling something with their set list and then throws down the hose the next two nights.

Needless to say, I was excited to make my first pilgrimage there last week. Almost as excited as I am about the panel this week. To review this final run, I am joined by past panelist Tanya Sperry, past guest Pauly McGuire (aka TaoPauly from Coventry Music Blog), and first time guest Scott Marks (aka Biz Archive from Phish.net). And with this lineup, Type II Cast does what only it can do: provide a mixed perspective to review the music and supplement it with a premium selection of tasty audio clips.

I hope you have enjoyed following along with Type II Cast throughout the summer. My thanks and appreciation go out to all of the guests and listeners of the show, and to all of those people who brought good reviews. Unfortunately, it is unclear what, if any, shows we will produce in this short off season, but we will definitely see everyone at Hampton.

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Show Notes:

Episode 78

Title: Dicks (2013)

Date: 09/06/2013

Host / Producer: Stephen Olker

Guests: Tanya Sperry, Pauly McGuire, and Scott Marks

Run Time: 1:46:08

File Size: 124mb

Extra Links:

Phish Maps

TWoL’s Review


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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

6 thoughts on “Episode 78: Dicks (2013)

  1. Great show, and a special thanks to @bizarchive for all the hard work on Phish.net. (I literally visit that site daily.)

    I’m curious: are there any plans to add timings to tease listings on Phish.net? It’s great to read that there’s a “Sweet Emotion” tease in some massive ’94 “Tweezer,” but it can be a nightmare searching through a 40+ minute monster to find it!

  2. I love type II cast and look forward to the analysis. Please don’t take this wrong way, but, just when I think I am a Phish geek, you guys come along and take geekdom to a whole new level. Between obscure weird ass teases and last times and rankings, it gets a bit much some times. But, love it all the same and keep up the good work fellas and gals!

  3. I totally heard the “Twist” in the end of the Caspian as well

  4. Seriously jonesin’ for Fall 2013 recaps and analysis from the best team in Phishdom.

  5. Yes – ready to geek out on fall tour analysis…lots of type 2 to discuss

  6. Clips:
    01. Ghost 06:15 > 09:45
    02. Stash 07:48 > 08:30
    03. Sand 11:55 > 14:45
    04. Gin 08:20 > 11:30
    05. Chalkdust A) 09:45 > 14:00
    06 B) 19:00 > 22:30
    07. Light
    08. Tweezer
    09. It’s Ice 05:00 > 06:30
    10. Carini A) 06:15 > 08:00
    11. B) 08:30 > 11:30
    12. Piper A) 03:19 > 05:40
    13. B) 05:42 > 07:15
    14.(outro) On The Road Again

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