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Episode 79: Hampton > Rochester (2013)

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As you may have noticed, there’s been a little hiatus since Dick’s, which can be blamed on my non-podcasting life things (i.e. school).  Fortunately, Katie from TWoL was able to pitch in with coordinating the panels and I was able to shift hosting duties temporarily. Kicking this run off, panelist Josh Korin took control as host and was joined by new guest of the show, Troy Laur, and …. myself! We cover the first four shows of tour: Hampton through Rochester. Of course, all basic Type II procedures have been followed: banter, anecdotes, and professional insight mixed with a healthy dose audio clips. For those with short attention spans, here is your spoiler: Woo!

We are covering the final eight shows of tour in two more episodes, which should also be available when you are reading this.  We hope you guys enjoy, thanks for listening.

- Steve

Show Notes:

Episode 79

Title: Hampton > Rochester (2013)

Date: 11/20/2013

Host / Producer: Josh Korin

Panel: Troy Laur

Guest / Audio Production: Stephen Olker

Assistant Producer: Katie Passaretti

Run Time: 1:29:11

File Size: 105.1 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

One thought on “Episode 79: Hampton > Rochester (2013)

  1. Clips
    Hampton 1
    01. Stash 08:00 > 9:30
    02. Carini 08:00 > 13:33

    Hampton 2
    03. Ghost 13:00 > 17:00
    04. Steam 06:00 > 09:00

    Hampton 3
    05. Tweezer 13:00 > 17:00
    06. Golden Age 11:00 > 14:15
    07. Piper > Takin Care of Business 06:15 > 00:45

    08. Timber 02:55 > 04:50
    09. Crosseyed 06:30 > 09:00
    10. Golden Age 05:00 > 07:00

    Outro – Roggae

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