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Episode 81: Reading > Atlantic City (2013)


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This week on the podcast, panelist Chris Glushko is taking on duties as host.  He is joined by past guest, Steve Paolini and new guest of the program, Tim Wade (aka The Emu). The panel takes us on the wonderful journey that is Reading through Atlantic City.  With many a clip to choose from, Mr. Glushko went conservative and queued up two per show to highlight the panel’s favorite moments. He also queued up a one way ticket to “Rank City.”  So sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy our final review of fall tour.

See you guys at MSG.

- Steve

Show Notes:

Episode 81

Title: Reading > Atlantic City (2013)

Date: 11/22/2013

Host / Producer: Chris Glushko

Guests: Steve Paolini & Tim Wade

Audio Production: Stephen Olker

Assistant Producer: Katie Passaretti

Run Time: 1:58.48

File Size: 130.3 mb

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

2 thoughts on “Episode 81: Reading > Atlantic City (2013)

  1. That Disease jam from Reading totally sounds like Mountain Jam from the Allman Brothers’ Eat a Peach record.

  2. Clips
    01. DWD 15:50 > 20:45
    02. Twenty Years Later 08:40 > 11:20

    03. Fuego 07:00 >09:00
    04. Carini 14:00 > 16:45

    05. Runaway Jim 02:00 > 04:05
    06. Twist 08:30 >12:30

    07. Theme 10:30 > 13:40
    08 Tweezer

    outro: Sneakin’ Sally

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