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Episode 82: MSG (2013)

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Happy New Year everyone! Type II is back after an en fuego fall tour with our review of the 2013 New Year’s run.  Not surprisingly, we were pretty excited to talk about these four shows, which we considered some of the best four days of Phish in a long time. The ‘we’ I am referring to is myself, Dave Calarco, and Brian Bavosa. I’m sure most of you know the format of the show by now, but for any Type II noobs out there, we walk you through each of the four shows, weaving in clips of our favorite jams with a sprinkle of insight and anecdotes along the way.

Thanks for listening.

- Steve

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Show Notes:

Episode 82

Title: MSG (2013)

Date: 01/11/2014

Producer: Stephen Olker

Panel: Brian Bavosa and Dave Calarco

Run Time: 2:08:56

File Size: 178.9mb

Type II Cast: 2.0

As I alluded to in the episode, Type II will be undergoing a format change in 2014. Simply, there will be two types of credits given for each episode: a producer and panelist(s). The producer credit will go to the person developed the episode, organized the panel, curated the clips, crafted the topic, etc. The panelist will credit the people who were on and contributed to the episode. I will continue as host, doing at least the intro, outro, and all behind the scenes work, but will no longer credit myself unless I am the producer (example: this episode).

Speaking of behind the scenes, I am looking to develop a more extensive guest list of Phish nerds to call upon to be a part of future shows. If you would like to be considered, please fill out this google form. 

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Author: UNOlker

Host and Producer of TWoL and TypeII Podcasts.

One thought on “Episode 82: MSG (2013)

  1. Because my withdrawl symptoms from no new TypeIICast episodes were so severe, I had to check into a clinic,

    I will be sending you the bill.

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