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Reviews, analysis and debate about all things Phish.

The format is simple: roundtable semi-structured discussions about shows, tours, songs and more brought to you by the best Phish minds out there. Clips are played to support each topic, typically in the 2-6 minute range. We probably average about 2 episodes a month overall, with run-time between one and two hours. We enjoy when listeners leave comments on the blog, which all producers monitor feverishly. In addition to the regular cast, typeII often has guests from other Phishy blogs. There is always something new to look forward to.

If you enjoy this show, we ask that you keep listening and tell a friend. We take no advertising, sponsorships or donations exchange for our hard work.

Thanks for listening,

- Steve

Credits – Updated 01/12/2014

Hosted by Stephen Olker


Chris Glushko

Drew Hitz

Josh Korin

Past Panelists:

Rory P – Online Phish Tour

Scott Bernstein – YEMBlog

Sam Davis – DogGoneBlog

Tanya Sperry – Tanya Sperry

Justin Wendt – oh kee pah 

Eric Wyman – Eric Wyman


Chris Bertolet

Brian Bavosa

Dave CalarcoMr. Miner

Allie Carson

Zac Cohen – Please Me Have No Regrets

Charlie Dirksenphish.net

Brian Feller - phish.net

Andy Greenberg – Please Me Have No Regrets

Guy Forget - Online Phish Tour

Parker HarringtonHidden Track

Adam Icculus

Troy Laur – TWoL

Brian Levine – phish.net

Jamie Marshall

Scott Marks - phish.net

Steve Paolini- phish.net

Tao PaulyCoventry Music Blog

Will Rubenstein

Adam Scheinberg – phish.net

Stephen Tuzeneu - TWoL

Tim Wade - phish.net

Jefferson Waful

Jeremy Welsh – phish.net




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