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Supplement for Episode 59

As promised, below are the full versions of Hood discussed in Episode 59. 


- Steve

Intro: 1994-07-16

Clip 1: 1995-12-30

Clip 2: 1997-08-17

Clip 3: 1995-12-05

Clip 4: 2010-12-28

Clip 5: 1998-12-31

Outro: 1994-10-20


The Case for ’99 – Supplement

As promised on the last episode of type II cast, here is our list of honorable mentions, along with the “’99 Power Hour.” The honorable mentions is self explanatory. Not every jam deserving of a clip can make the cut, or the show would be way too long. This week, Scotty went the extra mile and complied a list of everything that should be heard from ’99. Don’t miss out.

As far as the power hour goes, its 60, 1 minute clips from 1999 (obviously). No two clips are cut from the same song, and the hour proceeds in chronological order.  I lost the original “set list” many years ago, so if anyone figures it out, let me know ;-).

Thanks for listening, and reading. We will be back next week talking about “The Story of the Ghost” with Dave Calarco (aka Mr. Miner) and Stephen Tuzeneu from TWoL.

- Steve

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Spring Update

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to take this opportunity to catch all the listeners of typeIIcast up to speed with what is happening here on the program. First, I would like to thank everyone who tunes in each week to listen to our little show. It is truly appreciated and why we all show up. Second, I wanted to recognize the hard work of everyone who has contributed, hosts and guests a like. I am proud of the collection of clips, thoughts and other random phish nerdiness that has been curated here over the last one and half years.

Moving into the next round of episodes, I would like to announce that Chris Glushko will be joining us full time. Chris guested on the Tension and Release episode, and most recently the 2.0 intervention. On each, his commentary and choice of clips were a welcome addition. I have no doubt that this trend will continue in the future.

Below is the list of topics and producers for the next few weeks. As usual, I will continue to update this list as more information is known. The easiest way for you not to miss anything would be to subscribe in iTunes or through some other RSS reader. Lastly, once we hit summer tour, we will bring you review episodes for each 2 or 3 day run as quickly as possible.

Thanks for listening,


43 – 4/17 – Chris – The Philly Factor

44 – 5/1 – Scotty – The Case for 99

45 – 5/15 – Eric – 3.0 Roundtable

46 – 5/30 – Drew – TBD

* Stay tuned for guest information.

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Stay Tuned . . .

Hey everybody,

I wanted to let everyone know that the show will be taking a short break over the next 2 weeks. During the time between Superball IX and Leg 2, we hope to record our reviews of the festival, Alpharetta, both North Carolina shows, and Virginia. We had hoped to wrap up Leg 1 by tonight, but unfortunately it won’t be possible at this time.

During Superball, TWoL will be broadcasting live on site, so please tune in there if you need an immediate fix of some phish podcast action. We can’t say for sure, but a guest spot by some Type II panelists could be possible. I appreciate everyone’s patience in this matter, I will let you know when to expect the next episode.

Be good,




What phish festival should we review first, on the next episode?


Vote on the following,  and we will discuss the winner. (Date of next episode 5/10/2011)

Polls open until 5/3/2011 at 8:15pm.


Trivia Rules!!!

Good afternoon listeners of the show.

I wanted to take a minute to tell you about a trivia show we will be holding next week. The short of it is as follows: 2 listeners will take on 2 hosts of type II cast (Scotty and Justin) in a game of Phish Trivia. Eric will be the quiz master, preparing and asking all the questions. I will run the soundboard and keep track of the score. At the end of the program, someone will be given bragging rights of knowing the most trivial phish facts. Simple? yes. Fun? Most definitely. Easy? Probably not. Think you are up to the challenge? Here’s what we need you to do:

1) Be available the following times:

Sunday, 4/24 about 8:30pm, for a quick equipment test. You will need a computer, internet, skype, headphones and a mic. We just want to make sure everything will work ok. About 10 minutes at most.

Monday, 4/25 again at about 8pm, for the actual show. Please block about 2 hours for this. The show will NOT be live. We will be editing out portions of the program not affecting the outcome, just like the big game shows.

2) No Spoilers!!!

We will run the edited program on Tuesday, 4/26, at our normal time slot, so don’t tell anyone if you won or loss. Of course, we can’t really enforce this, but don’t be a dick about it. Cool?

3) Leave a comment below.

Tell us why you think you can win, or just say hi, it doesn’t really matter. Out of all the comments to this post, we will randomly pick the winners (and a backup just in case). But be sure to provide a contact method. WordPress should let you privately leave an e-mail address. Or, feel free to leave your twitter or facebook name and we could contact you through those methods (but only if we are friends ;-)

4) Period to enter is now -> Saturday 4/23/11 at noon (est). 

I will contact the winners by that evening. So keep an eye on your email, twitters or bookfaces.

Hopefully that covers everything. If you have any questions, let us know. Please note, all times are Eastern.

Good Luck Phish Nerds!!!



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