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Episode 75: Toronto > The Gorge (2013)

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On this episode of Type II Cast we review Toronto > The Gorge which was one hell of a run, in my humble opinion. It is my pleasure to be joined by panelist Scotty B and new guest to the show, Jefferson Waful. You guys may know Jeff from “Vine,” or possibly from doing lights for Umphrey’s McGee, but either way, his love and knowledge of the Phish goes deep. Together Scott and Jeff weave a trifecta of musical analysis, archival insight, and funny anecdotes to paint the picture of these three shows. Supplement that with the bucket full of clips we had to chose from and you are in for one hell of a ride.

Did we miss something? Do you know where the Wilson shirt came from? Is Possum a joke? Does length matter? If you know the answer to any of these questions leave us a note below. We will be back next week with recaps of Tahoe and San Francisco.

Thanks for listening,


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Episode 74: Alpharetta > Chicago (2013)

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This week on the podcast, we bring you reviews of not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, BUT 5 SHOWS. This is quite possibly our longest episode ever, but there is quite a lot of ground to cover, so don’t blame me! That all said, I was very pleased to be joined by panelist Josh Korin and past guest Parker Harrington. None of us were at Alpharetta (unfortunately), but both Josh and I were at Chicago and Parker did couchtour proper. Of course we have dissected these shows tirelessly over the past few days and found 12 clips that capture some of our favorite parts. Mix that in with all of our banter, anecdotes, and insight, and you end up with a Phish podcast done “The Right Way.”

Thanks for listening! We hope you will keep us locked all tour long.

- Steve

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Episode 73: PNC > MPP (2013)

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This week on the podcast, Type II Cast continues with its review of summer tour 2013. For this round, we have four shows: PNC, Jones Beach, and both Merriweather Post Pavilions. Joining me on this episode are panelist Drew Hitz and past guest of the show Chris Bertolet.  The three of us guide you on a journey that is “stronger than the storm,” while providing insight and anecdotes to put this run into context. Of course, we have some tasty clips to supplement the commentary as only Type II can do. And spoiler alert, we have been loving tour so far! So sit back, relax, and block off the next hour and a half to take this trip to face melt city.

Thanks for listening and we will see you after Chicago!

- Steve

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Episode 72: Bangor & SPAC (2013)

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Hey everyone! Type II Cast is back and in full swing with Summer Tour 2013. To kick off the new season, we have veteran guests of the show Charles Dirksen and Dave Calarco. The three of us review Bangor through SPAC 3 and, as should be no surprise, we were pleasantly content with the first four shows of tour. The new sound, new lights, and new stage set-up really have made a difference and infused some phresh air into the band’s 30th year. OF COURSE, we brought you the best clips to highlight our commentary, as only Type II Cast can do. So sit back, relax, and grab a smoke as we take you back on tour with us through the first four shows of 2013.

Thanks for listening,

- Steve

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From The Hose 3: Deep Sea Edition

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Summer tour is just two days away, and I thought it would be fun to drop another mix tape on Type II nation. Yes, during the last episode I said we were on hiatus until tour starts. And even though this isn’t a “regular” episode, it still takes some sweat and tears to make it all happen. But guess what? I’m freaking excited for tour to start. So here we are. Queue this baby up on your travels this summer and get ready for some face meltage. Can you figure out the “theme” and/or the track list of this FTH? Leave a comment below.

Be sure to keep Type II locked, as we will be bringing you reviews of every show at some point (probably relatively untimely versus the blogs, but that’s how the podcast cookie crumbles).

Thanks for listening,


PS: Be sure to check out volume 1 and volume 2 if you haven’t already.

PPS: Follow along with TWoL for live updates FROM the shows.


Special Edition: The Second Annual Type II Cast Game Show

Listen to the The Second Annual Type II Cast Game Show

This is Jeopardy! No wait, let’s try that again. This is the Second Annual Type II Cast Game Show!

In this week’s special episode, Type II Cast twists around traditional Jeopardy to befit the podcast format. Representing the Type II Cast panel is Scott Bernstein, while Dave Calaraco is at bat for “past guests.” Representing the listeners is Brian Levine. You may know Brian from Phish.net where he runs Mystery Jam Mondays. The challenging and brain-teasing questions were written by regular guests of the show Steve Paolini and Parker Harrington.

We are going no spoilers style here so you can play along at home, if you are up to the challenge. Click here to view the categories.

Thanks for listening,



The 2nd Annual Game Show “Contest”

Hey everyone,

The time has come for Type II Cast to host another game show, and it’s gonna be a good one. On this episode, we will have three contestants competing in a Jeopardy style tournament, answering a mix of Phish trivia and “name that clip” style questions. I will be hosting and have enlisted the vast knowledge of Parker (aka @TMWSIY) and Steve Paolini (aka Lumpblockclod) to write the questions.

The first two contestants are panelist Scotty B (aka YEMBlog) and long time guest of the show Dave Calarco (aka Mr. Miner). The third contestant will be one lucky and knowledgeable listener. Who that listener will be is up to you! We are taking applications now to fill this slot. If you want to compete, you must meet these requirements:

- You got mad Phish skills. This is crucial since you will be competing against YEMblog and Mr. Miner.

- You are available to play on 6/12/2013 between 8:30PM and 10:00PM Eastern.

- You have a computer, internet, and Skype.

To be considered for the listener slot add a comment below and give a blurb about why you want to play, who you are, links to any blog stuff you do, contact info, etc. In short, convince me why you are the right person to go head to head with Scotty and Dave. I will pick a qualified listener by Sunday, June 9th at noon. Feel free to leave any questions and I will address those as well.

Let the games begin!



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