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Episode 78: Dicks (2013)

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Summer tour has come to a close and there is never a better way to go out than with some Dick’s. Phish loves Dick’s. Of course I’m referring to the Labor Day weekend tradition of playing three shows in Denver at Dick’s Sporting Goods Arena. As the trend goes, the band uses Friday night to communicate a message to the fans by spelling something with their set list and then throws down the hose the next two nights.

Needless to say, I was excited to make my first pilgrimage there last week. Almost as excited as I am about the panel this week. To review this final run, I am joined by past panelist Tanya Sperry, past guest Pauly McGuire (aka TaoPauly from Coventry Music Blog), and first time guest Scott Marks (aka Biz Archive from Phish.net). And with this lineup, Type II Cast does what only it can do: provide a mixed perspective to review the music and supplement it with a premium selection of tasty audio clips.

I hope you have enjoyed following along with Type II Cast throughout the summer. My thanks and appreciation go out to all of the guests and listeners of the show, and to all of those people who brought good reviews. Unfortunately, it is unclear what, if any, shows we will produce in this short off season, but we will definitely see everyone at Hampton.

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Episode 57: Dicks (2012)

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We Love Dick’s!

We had a lot of fun planning and recording this hour and fifty minute celebration of this summer’s tour closing three night run, which went down over Labor Day weekend at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, Colorado. In the spirit of adding a new twist each episode, we welcome first time guest host Allie Carson. Allie is a seasoned vet and wife of regular panelist Chris. In addition to welcoming Allie, we also twisted things by having each panelist choose the clips from just one of the three nights. To showcase the outstanding jamming from the run, we each picked about 17 minutes of music to share. Allie selected our clips for night 2, Steve for night 3, and I selected for night 1. Cheers, and thanks for listening. Your comments are always appreciated.


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Episode 33: Dick’s

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This week, we finish off the final review of the summer, Dick’s Sporting Goods in Colorado. Tanya Sperry, a Type II Cast regular, joins me along with our special guest Tao Pauly from Coventry Music Blog. Both attended the Dick’s shows, while I did the official Couch Tour for all 3 nights. After digesting this three night run for two weeks, we came up with “Uber Clips”. Like . . . seriously, there are a lot of clips. And this episode clocks in at an hour and twenty minutes, possibly the longest one to date. So grab your headphones, a snack, and get ready to experience Dick’s the Type II way.

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