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Episode 69: The Great Went

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This week on the program we continue our effort to review all past Phish festivals, which, if you are playing along at home, means that we have landed at The Great Went. Phish’s first of three fests from Limestone, Maine, this was the band’s biggest concert to date and it definitely did not disappoint. Scotty B is in the driver’s seat for tonight and we are joined by Dave Calarco, Brian Bavosa, and Chris Bertolet. The cast covers everything from the tour leading up to The Went, the impact of this event on festivals to come, what the scene was like, and even the weather. It should be no surprise that we have pulled the best clips to represent this amazing event (spoiler: one is The Gin).

Have a memory from The Went you want to share? Leave a comment below. We will be back in two weeks, details to be determined. Thanks for listening,

- Steve

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Episode 68: Desert Island Tweezer

This week on the podcast, we step into the freezer to discuss one of the biggest jam vehicles in the Phish cannon: Tweezer. Leading the discussion is panelist Drew, who has been know to fancy the tune. The episode is built around a “desert island scenario.” Joining him are veteran guests of Type II, Dave Calarco and Charlie Dirksen. Drew asked each panelist for the ten versions of Tweezer that they would bring to said island to make their stay more enjoyable. The panel then discussed the ten most commonly chosen versions among them. Of course, we have supplemented the in depth analysis and fun show anecdotes with ample clips. By the end of the episode, there will be laughs, there will be tears, and I guarantee you will have learned something. What Tweezers would you take to a desert island? Let us know in the comments below. We will be back in two weeks to talk about the Great Went.

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UPDATE 04/27/2013 – Click Through for Additional Information About this Episode.

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Episode 51: Deer Creek > Alpine Valley (2012)

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This week on the program I am joined by Dave Calarco and Parker Harrington and we embark on the wonderful journey that is reviewing the two Deer Creek and two Alpine Valley shows from summer 2012. These two classic Phish venues almost never disappoint and this year was no different. With the shows falling at just past the halfway point of tour, the boys were in full swing and dealt us beautifully crafted setlists, precise improvisation and some more stage antics. We could have thrown a dart at the setlists and hit a great clip each time but as usual cut down to what we felt were the ten best.

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Episode 47: DCU > ROO (2012)

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It’s that time of the year again. When we here at type 2 cast bring you current reviews of each show from the current Phish tour. This episode marks the beginning of the reviews for summer 2012. First at bat: Eric Wyman, Dave Calarco, and myself. All 3 of us hit the DCU center for both nights, and then locked into the Bonnaroo webcast. And for this episode, as you would expect, we found the best clips and offer anecdotes, insight and more to provide a complete review for these 3 shows. And this will be the formula for the rest of the summer. Subscribe in iTunes so you don’t miss anything, and be sure to spread some type 2 love around.

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Episode 47

Topic: DCU > ROO

Date: 06/12/12

Host: Stephen Olker

Panel: Eric Wyman & Dave Calarco

Runtime: 1:33:13

File Size: 149 mb


Episode 45: The Story of the Ghost

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This week on the podcast, I am joined by Dave Calarco and Stephen Tuzeneu to discuss the evolution … er … Story of the Ghost. Similar to the Mike’s episode, we take you on a journey from the birth of Ghost, track how it evolved in 1.0, and touch on the unfortunate treatment it has seen (mostly) in 3.0. I wish I could joke about only having a few clips, but that would be ridiculous as we have MORE CLIPS THAN ANY EPISODE BEFORE.  Have no fear, we guarantee you will enjoy and leave with a nugget of knowledge about this fan favorite.

I feel like I’ve never told you, thanks for listening.

- Steve

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Episode 39: MSG 2011

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Hello and Happy New Year! Type II is back this week with a fresh episode and it should be no surprise that we are reviewing the MSG New Year’s Eve run. After just a few days to gather our thoughts, Scotty and I sat down with guests Charlie Dirksen and Dave Calarco for almost two hours last night. With lots to talk about, we debate the best and the worst of what has become some of the most anticipated shows each year. Of course, we offer up some of the tastiest clips to supplement our discussion. And whether you are a “jaded vet” or just saw your first shows, we are sure you will enjoy this blast from the hose.

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NYE - Stephen Olker 2012

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