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Episode 82: MSG (2013)

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Happy New Year everyone! Type II is back after an en fuego fall tour with our review of the 2013 New Year’s run.  Not surprisingly, we were pretty excited to talk about these four shows, which we considered some of the best four days of Phish in a long time. The ‘we’ I am referring to is myself, Dave Calarco, and Brian Bavosa. I’m sure most of you know the format of the show by now, but for any Type II noobs out there, we walk you through each of the four shows, weaving in clips of our favorite jams with a sprinkle of insight and anecdotes along the way.

Thanks for listening.

- Steve

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Episode 11: I Drove 5 Hours to Worcester and All I Got Was a Hood.

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Hey everybody and Happy New Year. For our first episode of 2011, we totally broke all the rules. We should have done the show yesterday, but the studio wasn’t cooperating and we had sound problems. Eric Wyman was feeling under the weather and could not make it. Drew had to skype in from Syngapore. And we started the show with a 9 minute clip. Also, we had no show notes going into this episode, which is also a first. A true type II show.

In regards to our review of “Woosta”, we definitely all agreed it had its moments, but overall was choppy and the “phlow” just was not there. Take the title with a grain of salt though, we by no means hated on it, and both Sam and I are glad we made the trip. As you will be able to tell by the clips, we found some gems. A new type of jamming has started to emerge in the 3.0, and these 2 shows were the springboard for what will come at MSG.

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Type II Episode 10: Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

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Well, it’s that time of year! When we struggle to get through the holidays and get back to another Holiday Tour with Phish. This week Steve, Eric and Justin run through New Years shows from the past and discuss what makes a good show, what exactly was the best New Years show and some of their favorite moments from all the other days not marked 12/31 on the calendar.

This our final episode of 2010 and we want to thank everyone who has listened for their support and feedback!!! We’ll be back on 1/11/11 discussing what took place at this year in Worcester and New York, and listening to all the best moments. So we’ll see you then, Happy Holidays everybody!!

-The whole TypeIICast crew

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