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Episode 65: Nerdgasm, Part 1

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The Ultimate Phish ‘Nerdgasm’ Part 1: The Selection Show

If you’re reading this, you probably consider yourself somewhat of a Phish nerd—someone who gains an unhealthy amount of pleasure in discussing best songs, shows, sets, venues, cities, lyrics, compositions, recordings, jams, lights, and more. With that said, we decided to hold the ultimate Phish nerdgasm, a 64-team March Madness style tournament to determine the best Phish jam of all time. Now, this is nothing new to the Phish blogosphere. We’ve all seen Phish March Madness brackets before, and I’m sure we’ll see them again. But we wanted to make ours just a little different. We did so by taking ourselves way too seriously. And I knew that if there was one person to take on this project with, it was fellow Phish.netter, Mockingbird Foundation volunteer, and list-maker extraordinaire, Steve Paolini.

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Episode 30: Good Lord, Was it Alright.

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By the time you are reading this, Phish will have completed Leg 2 of their 2011 Summer Tour, but here at type II cast, we are just starting the reviews. This week, Scotty, Drew, and Eric tackle the first 3 shows, both Gorge and the Hollywood Bowl. As usual, we selected a few clips to highlight what makes these shows stand out. And we tried not to let future events effect our opinions, though Drew does step into the future machine once.

This post is gonna be another “No Spoilers” episode, as knowing the clips ahead of time could bias some of you out there. Feel free to voice your opinion below, we all check the blog from time to time.

Thanks to all the loyal listeners out there, stay tuned as next week we discuss Tahoe and Outside Lands.

- Steve

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Episode 14: Best of 2010, Part 2

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Continuing where we left off from last week, the crew counts down to the #1 best jam of the year. This week we have a full house with Eric, Scotty, Drew and Tanya joining me and a full episode clocking in at just over 1 hour. Despite being possibly our biggest episode to date, we only saw one “technical difficulty”, which I chose to leave in as it resulted in some comical banter. Without a doubt, the crew did a fantastic job defending their top picks, or arguing against some. Listen now for no spoilers, or get a peak at the top five after the jump.

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Episode 13: Best of 2010, Part 1

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Most every blog has been releasing their “best of” opinions over the last month and we just couldn’t resist joining in on the fun. To mix ours up we had all 7 panelists submit their individual Top 10 list, then we ranked and aggregated the scores for a “definitive” TypeIICast Top 10 list. Now there’s some interesting results and some interesting opinions on what makes something most worthy of being included in the list. Join us for Part 1 as Steve, Justin, Sam and Eric defend and discuss their choices and the bonehead exclusions made by their peers.

This week we countdown from #10 – 6 (kind of…it proved to be a challenge mathematically).

Full track listing after the jump.

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