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Episode 81: Reading > Atlantic City (2013)

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This week on the podcast, panelist Chris Glushko is taking on duties as host.  He is joined by past guest, Steve Paolini and new guest of the program, Tim Wade (aka The Emu). The panel takes us on the wonderful journey that is Reading through Atlantic City.  With many a clip to choose from, Mr. Glushko went conservative and queued up two per show to highlight the panel’s favorite moments. He also queued up a one way ticket to “Rank City.”  So sit back, grab a beer, and enjoy our final review of fall tour.

See you guys at MSG.

- Steve

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Episode 70: Phish’s Abstract Moment

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This week, the podcast pushes the boundaries of recorded Phish analysis as we are joined by Zac Cohen and Andy Greenberg, resident essayists at Please Me Have No Regrets. On this episode, I’m talking with Zac and Andy about a piece they’ve been hard at work on over the past few weeks; “Phish’s Abstract Moment.” It is their contention that just after covering The Beatles “White Album” on Halloween in 1994, Phish embarked on a nearly-year long journey in which their dominant mode of jamming was an “Abstract” one, characterized by a willingness to explore the outer reaches of their own catalog. Zac and Andy discuss some of the influences leading up to this important moment in Phish’s career when they produced some of the most dramatic and emotionally evocative improvisations of their entire career. They also examine the significance of this type of jamming and the legacy it has left on the band’s current material. Though much of the music is difficult, disjointed, and strange sounding, it speaks to the nether regions of your musical souls and Type II Cast claims no liability if tonight’s clips MELT YOUR FACE.

Type II Cast will be back in June with the next Game Show Extravaganza, details to drop “soon.”

Thanks for listening,


PS – Read the Essay Here

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Episode 68: Desert Island Tweezer

This week on the podcast, we step into the freezer to discuss one of the biggest jam vehicles in the Phish cannon: Tweezer. Leading the discussion is panelist Drew, who has been know to fancy the tune. The episode is built around a “desert island scenario.” Joining him are veteran guests of Type II, Dave Calarco and Charlie Dirksen. Drew asked each panelist for the ten versions of Tweezer that they would bring to said island to make their stay more enjoyable. The panel then discussed the ten most commonly chosen versions among them. Of course, we have supplemented the in depth analysis and fun show anecdotes with ample clips. By the end of the episode, there will be laughs, there will be tears, and I guarantee you will have learned something. What Tweezers would you take to a desert island? Let us know in the comments below. We will be back in two weeks to talk about the Great Went.

Thanks for listening,


UPDATE 04/27/2013 – Click Through for Additional Information About this Episode.

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Episode 66: Nerdgasm, Part 2

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The Ultimate Phish ‘Nerdgasm’ Part 2: Rounds 1 & 2

Hello and welcome back for Part 2 of the Ultimate Nerdgasm, our take on a “March Madness” style tournament. What separates this from similar brackets are the six rules developed by panelist Chris Glushko and guest .netter Steve Paolini. These rules guided the selection of the 64 jams that we discussed on this episode. Before listening, you absolutely need to listen to the last episode and print out this bracket in order to follow along at home. Over the course of this episode, we voted from the original 64 jams down to the Sweet Sixteen and played clips (each exactly three minutes) for some of the closest matches. Each selection should be credited to the collective consciousness of Chris and Steve. Their Phish nerdiness is truly remarkable. Of course, that left me as the deciding vote on a few occasions, a task that was quite challenging at times. Fortunately, it’s hard to go wrong at the end of the day since all of these selections will fill your ears with hosey goodness.

How would you have voted on these 64 Jams? “Who” do you want to see make it the Final Four? Let us know below, and stay tuned for the final installment of The Ultimate Phish “Nerdgasm” next week.

- Steve

Phish March Madness Sweet16

Phish March Madness Sweet16.xls

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Episode 65: Nerdgasm, Part 1

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The Ultimate Phish ‘Nerdgasm’ Part 1: The Selection Show

If you’re reading this, you probably consider yourself somewhat of a Phish nerd—someone who gains an unhealthy amount of pleasure in discussing best songs, shows, sets, venues, cities, lyrics, compositions, recordings, jams, lights, and more. With that said, we decided to hold the ultimate Phish nerdgasm, a 64-team March Madness style tournament to determine the best Phish jam of all time. Now, this is nothing new to the Phish blogosphere. We’ve all seen Phish March Madness brackets before, and I’m sure we’ll see them again. But we wanted to make ours just a little different. We did so by taking ourselves way too seriously. And I knew that if there was one person to take on this project with, it was fellow Phish.netter, Mockingbird Foundation volunteer, and list-maker extraordinaire, Steve Paolini.

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Episode 61: Select-A-YEM

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You Enjoy Myself. The quintessential Phish tune. It has everything: great composition, improvisation, fun antics, sports equipment, and a vocal jam. You love this song and it’s probably on the CD you gave to your little brother when you tried to turn him on to Phish. Having been played more than any other song in the band’s repertoire, doing a history in an hour podcast would be impossible. So contained within is how we chose to tackle the topic. The cast discusses some best versions, our personal favorites, trends over the years, and ultimately builds a Frankenstein-like YEM for the outro. Included in this discussion are panelists Chris Glushko, Josh Korin, and guest Charlie Dirksen. As we mention in the episode, there is simply too much to choose from, but we hope you will enjoy the few clips we did pick. What other YEM’s should we have discussed? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for listening. See everyone at MSG.


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Supplement for Episode 59

As promised, below are the full versions of Hood discussed in Episode 59. 


- Steve

Intro: 1994-07-16

Clip 1: 1995-12-30

Clip 2: 1997-08-17

Clip 3: 1995-12-05

Clip 4: 2010-12-28

Clip 5: 1998-12-31

Outro: 1994-10-20


Episode 58: Summer 2012 – An Unexpected Twist

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After three months and eleven episodes, summer tour has come and gone. The leaves are changing and we are left with only our anticipation towards NYE and hopefully some great memories. Keeping with tradition, we needed to do some kind of recap before moving on. This time we have Eric Wyman and Chris Bertolet, who share a mere five clips in order to paint the picture of summer 2012 from their point of view. I, on the other hand, happily stayed quiet at the controls as I definitely needed a break by this point. Clips are presented “mystery jam” style, so play along at home. Bonus points if you can guess the outro clip.

Thanks for listening,


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Episode 52: Jones Beach (2012)

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Well guys, I know it’s only been a few days since the last episode and most of you haven’t even heard that yet, but we just couldn’t wait to keep talking about this Summer Tour 2012. So tonight I am joined by panelist Scotty B. and past guest / phish.neter Adam Scheinberg and we “wax poetic” about this 2-day run on Long Island over the July 4th holiday. Scotty and I were in attendance, while Adam held down the official couch tour. All three of us enjoyed the ultimate bust-out factor, loved the variety in each of the first sets and thought there were type 2 jams to hold up with the best. While this won’t go down as the best two day run in Phishtory, it should certainly have some replay factor for years to come.

Thanks for listening,


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Episode 40: Tension and Release

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Joining me on the show this week we have regular host Drew Hitz and new guest Chris Glushko. The three of us discuss the band’s use of tension and release in their sound, jamming, and crowd interaction. If you aren’t familiar with the term check the wiki page for a simple explanation (for a more technical blurb, peep this Trey article). Of course, we found ways to illustrate this musical concept and broke a few rules in the process. There are tasty clips peppered throughout the hour and some aren’t even Phish tunes. We recorded on a Sunday, which is probably not kosher for some reason. And lastly, skype went the whole time without needing to be reset. I can’t say if any of these correlate to it being a good episode, but I’m confident it won’t be time wasted.

Thanks for listening,


PS: The next episode is going to be “Listener’s Choice.” What does that mean? It means that you get to participate. The offer is open for three listeners of type II cast to guest host and each choose three clips that you would like to share. They should be something that (hopefully) not many people have heard, or at least clips we haven’t already played on the show. It would help if you were there at the time, but not a requirement. And, most importantly, you should want to discuss why you love these clips/songs/shows/etc. To be one of the guests, here’s what you need to do:

1) Follow @typeIIcast on twitter and tweet something like “I want to be a guest on @typeIIcast for the #listenerschoice episode.” (as long as you @reply us and use the hashtag, then you are good)


2) Follow this blog in wordpress and leave a comment below indicating that you want to be a guest.

I will randomly select (scout’s honor) the three people. You will need to have a computer/phone/iPad that has an internet connection, microphone/speakers/headset, and Skype. The episode will record 2/28/2012 at 8pm eastern. So make sure you will be available at that time (the show runs for about an hour and a half). Don’t worry about the clips, I take care of all that. You just need to tell me the who/ what/when/where/etc. Entries are open till 2/20/2012 at noon. I will randomly select the guests at that time and contact them via twitter or the email provided on the blog. Feel free free to ask any questions and good luck!

Disclaimer: Employees, their families, and subsidiaries of TWoL/TypeIICast are not eligible to enter. Offer void where prohibited by law.


Episode 30: Good Lord, Was it Alright.

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By the time you are reading this, Phish will have completed Leg 2 of their 2011 Summer Tour, but here at type II cast, we are just starting the reviews. This week, Scotty, Drew, and Eric tackle the first 3 shows, both Gorge and the Hollywood Bowl. As usual, we selected a few clips to highlight what makes these shows stand out. And we tried not to let future events effect our opinions, though Drew does step into the future machine once.

This post is gonna be another “No Spoilers” episode, as knowing the clips ahead of time could bias some of you out there. Feel free to voice your opinion below, we all check the blog from time to time.

Thanks to all the loyal listeners out there, stay tuned as next week we discuss Tahoe and Outside Lands.

- Steve

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Episode 28: SuperBall IX

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For our SuperBall IX review, Scotty, Steve and I present our top ten favorite moments of the 9th Phish festival that took place over fourth of July weekend at Watkins Glen. To come up with our top ten, the three of us each submitted a personal top ten. It turned out that eight songs/jams overlapped and were easily chosen, and the nine and ten slots were filled by Steve and I, respectively. To share our favorite moments, we have ((eight)) audio clips, first-hand accounts by Scotty and Steve who attended, and my perspective as a devoted fan whose holiday weekend revolved around the crisp audio stream that delivered every set via internet radio. Thanks for listening, and, as always, please share your comments here.

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Episode 26: Camden and MPP.

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Keeping with the trend of the past few episodes, 2 panelists, Scotty B and myself, will bring you on the journey through Camden and Merriweather Post Pavilion. These 3 shows fell at  just about the halfway mark on Phish’s summer tour 2011. Both of us were in attendance, and in the pit for Saturday, which we learned on the show. For better or worse, we agreed that overall, there were a few notable moments, but also a few low points throughout the weekend. And at the end of the day, replay value on this run might be minimal. That said, I don’t want to give too much away, since if I did, there wouldn’t be need to listen to the show.

Thanks for tuning in. We will be back soon with the Alpharetta review.


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Episode 17: Expect the Unexpected, August 93

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In Episode 17, Eric, Scotty, Steve and I explore the explosively creative month of music that was performed in August, 1993. To help bring this unique tour to life, we welcomed Brian Feller from phish.net to share his insights and experiences. Brian hopped on this tour on from 8/6-8/14 and then flew out to Berkeley for the closer on 8/28. This episode features 9 clips from 7 shows that showcase different facets of the band’s creativity: from unrestrained, powerful jamming, emotionally-charged singing and improvised vocal melodies to beautifully executed composed pieces, Phish achieved a state of simultaneous looseness and tightness that stands the test of time.

Thanks for listening. Please join us for Episode 18 on 4/5.


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