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Episode 66: Nerdgasm, Part 2

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The Ultimate Phish ‘Nerdgasm’ Part 2: Rounds 1 & 2

Hello and welcome back for Part 2 of the Ultimate Nerdgasm, our take on a “March Madness” style tournament. What separates this from similar brackets are the six rules developed by panelist Chris Glushko and guest .netter Steve Paolini. These rules guided the selection of the 64 jams that we discussed on this episode. Before listening, you absolutely need to listen to the last episode and print out this bracket in order to follow along at home. Over the course of this episode, we voted from the original 64 jams down to the Sweet Sixteen and played clips (each exactly three minutes) for some of the closest matches. Each selection should be credited to the collective consciousness of Chris and Steve. Their Phish nerdiness is truly remarkable. Of course, that left me as the deciding vote on a few occasions, a task that was quite challenging at times. Fortunately, it’s hard to go wrong at the end of the day since all of these selections will fill your ears with hosey goodness.

How would you have voted on these 64 Jams? “Who” do you want to see make it the Final Four? Let us know below, and stay tuned for the final installment of The Ultimate Phish “Nerdgasm” next week.

- Steve

Phish March Madness Sweet16

Phish March Madness Sweet16.xls

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Episode 49: nTelos (2012)

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This week on the podcast I am joined by Drew and Stephen T. from TWoL. Both were in attendance at the 2 nTelos shows, and I did #couchtour proper. We love this venue, and we love the antics and jams that Phish threw down over this 2 day, midweek run after Bader Field. I had wanted to keep this on the shorter side, but with 6 clips and an outro, will clocked in at just over an hour. As will happen from time to time, we go beyond the show reviews and drop some info and lulz that you don’t want to miss out on.

We will be back in just a few days with our review of Cincinnati > Burgettstown > Cuyahoga. Thanks for listening.

- Steve

Thanks for listening,


PS: Apologies for Drew’s audio which has issues at time. He was on an AT&T iPad in the middle of the woods.

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Episode 39: MSG 2011

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Hello and Happy New Year! Type II is back this week with a fresh episode and it should be no surprise that we are reviewing the MSG New Year’s Eve run. After just a few days to gather our thoughts, Scotty and I sat down with guests Charlie Dirksen and Dave Calarco for almost two hours last night. With lots to talk about, we debate the best and the worst of what has become some of the most anticipated shows each year. Of course, we offer up some of the tastiest clips to supplement our discussion. And whether you are a “jaded vet” or just saw your first shows, we are sure you will enjoy this blast from the hose.

Thanks for listening,


NYE - Stephen Olker 2012

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Episode 33: Dick’s

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This week, we finish off the final review of the summer, Dick’s Sporting Goods in Colorado. Tanya Sperry, a Type II Cast regular, joins me along with our special guest Tao Pauly from Coventry Music Blog. Both attended the Dick’s shows, while I did the official Couch Tour for all 3 nights. After digesting this three night run for two weeks, we came up with “Uber Clips”. Like . . . seriously, there are a lot of clips. And this episode clocks in at an hour and twenty minutes, possibly the longest one to date. So grab your headphones, a snack, and get ready to experience Dick’s the Type II way.

Thanks for listening,


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Episode 28: SuperBall IX

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For our SuperBall IX review, Scotty, Steve and I present our top ten favorite moments of the 9th Phish festival that took place over fourth of July weekend at Watkins Glen. To come up with our top ten, the three of us each submitted a personal top ten. It turned out that eight songs/jams overlapped and were easily chosen, and the nine and ten slots were filled by Steve and I, respectively. To share our favorite moments, we have ((eight)) audio clips, first-hand accounts by Scotty and Steve who attended, and my perspective as a devoted fan whose holiday weekend revolved around the crisp audio stream that delivered every set via internet radio. Thanks for listening, and, as always, please share your comments here.

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Episode 25: Northeast Run

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This week, Eric and Steve discuss the mid-week shows at Great Woods and Darien Lake. After a couple years of lackluster results fans at Great Woods were treated to a nice show featuring both traditional and exploratory jams over both sets. The following night up in Darien, NY fans were treated to an entire day in a shut down amusement park and an equally fun show as the sun went down. We break down the highlights and give our thoughts on tour.

As always, thanks for listening.

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Episode 19: UIC Pavillion, 1994

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With Phish returning to the University of Illinois at Chicago this summer, we found it fitting to review their first UIC performance, which went down on 6/18/94, for Episode 19 of Typeiicast.

In this week’s show, Steve, Sam and I discuss and share clips from this type 2 jam laden gem, beginning with Maze from the first set, and followed by multiple examples of exquisite improvisation from the second set. In addition to audio clips from Peaches En Regalia, Maze, David Bowie, Tweezer, You Enjoy Myself, Chalk Dust Torture, and Tweezer Reprise, Episode 19 also includes a couple of Typeiicast firsts: we play a Grateful Dead Mind Left Body Jam clip from 10/25/73 to illustrate contrast to Phish’s approach to the same chord structure, and we share a couple of minutes of the psychedelic YEM vocal jam. We encourage everybody to give this show multiple listens and hope you enjoy unearthing its many gifts as much as we did.


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Type II Episode 6: How Would You Like Your Thick Strawberry Goo?

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This week we begin to branch away from Phish’s 2010 Fall Tour as Steve, Drew, Sam, and Justin take a look at two Phish “classics” and how they’ve been effected by the Phish 3.0 mindset. Justin gets us started with two classic Halley’s clips, featuring the tremendous Binghamton ’95 Halley’s and the silky-funk driven verrsion from the ’97 Hampton run. As the discussion turns to Tweezer we share a few clips from some of the favorable versions of 3.0. Featuring the massive Camden and Red Rocks Tweezers from 2009. We also feature a clip from the July 3rd, 2010 Tweezer that segues majestically into Slave. We wrap things up with a listener email sparking conversation on what kind of effect the availability of instant SBD’s might have on the perceived quality of Phish shows.

Please leave us a comment or send us an email at typeIIcast@gmail.com and let us know what you think. We look forward to next week as panelist Drew, Scott, and Tanya will join Steve to breakdown the evolution of Mike’s Song.


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