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Episode 80: Glen Falls > Hartford (2013)

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This week on the program, Adam Scheinberg (past guest and prominent .netter) has been kind enough to host. He is joined by past guest of the program, Parker Harrington, and new guest, Will Rubenstein. The panel has the pleasurable task of reviewing Glens Falls, both Worcester shows, and Hartford. Unfortunately, we don’t enough time to play all the clips we want, but we found the ten best which should not surprise you. So just press play and get to the good stuff already.

Thanks for listening,


PS: Here is Parker’s video of the drummer switch from Worcester 1

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Episode 73: PNC > MPP (2013)

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This week on the podcast, Type II Cast continues with its review of summer tour 2013. For this round, we have four shows: PNC, Jones Beach, and both Merriweather Post Pavilions. Joining me on this episode are panelist Drew Hitz and past guest of the show Chris Bertolet.  The three of us guide you on a journey that is “stronger than the storm,” while providing insight and anecdotes to put this run into context. Of course, we have some tasty clips to supplement the commentary as only Type II can do. And spoiler alert, we have been loving tour so far! So sit back, relax, and block off the next hour and a half to take this trip to face melt city.

Thanks for listening and we will see you after Chicago!

- Steve

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Episode 72: Bangor & SPAC (2013)

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Hey everyone! Type II Cast is back and in full swing with Summer Tour 2013. To kick off the new season, we have veteran guests of the show Charles Dirksen and Dave Calarco. The three of us review Bangor through SPAC 3 and, as should be no surprise, we were pleasantly content with the first four shows of tour. The new sound, new lights, and new stage set-up really have made a difference and infused some phresh air into the band’s 30th year. OF COURSE, we brought you the best clips to highlight our commentary, as only Type II Cast can do. So sit back, relax, and grab a smoke as we take you back on tour with us through the first four shows of 2013.

Thanks for listening,

- Steve

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Episode 67: Nerdgasm, Part 3

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The Ultimate Phish ‘Nerdgasm’ Part 3: Sweet Sixteen to the Champion

Howdy once again and welcome back for part three in what has become quite an epic Type II adventure. For this final installment, Chris, Steve Paolini, and I began at the Sweet Sixteen round and played through until we crowned a champion. Again, you really need to listen to both previous episodes to be caught up to speed, as we don’t waste any time going over the rules that made up the selection process. Also, please download the bracket in order to play along at home. This episode features clips of each of the top sixteen jams and the entirety of the winning song to close us out. So block off the next two hours of your life and get ready to find out what Type II Cast deems the “best” phish jam.

Agree or disagree with how things turned out? Let us know below. Also, you can find links to stream all of the jams via this google doc. Thanks for listening, see everyone in two weeks.

- Steve

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Episode 62: YEMSG 2012

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“So you’ve got the four of us tonight. Josh, Chris, and myself were in attendance at MSG for all four nights and Brian did couch tour proper. We have all done our homework, listened back, gave it a few days. You know, the thing with Type II Cast is we can’t put out an episode right after the run. We have to digest, go through the clips, things have to be cut and put on the editing room floor. For tonight’s format, what we are gonna be doing is, we are gonna start off with the whole view of our thoughts on the run in 2012 and deconstruct from there.”  (from the episode’s intro)

Thanks for listening. Happy New Year to all the Type II listeners out there! Stay tuned throughout the off season for a variety of fun topics.

- Steve


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Episode 59: You Can Feel Good. . .

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For our latest episode of Type II Cast we’re trying something a bit different than we’ve done in the past. Our whole episode is devoted to the song Harry Hood. Panelist Scott Bernstein starts us off by giving a brief history of the tune and explaining what we’ve tried to accomplish with this episode – to figure out what makes the song so special and what makes certain versions better than others.

Over the course of the hour-long podcast, Scott talks with panelists Dave “Mr. Miner” Calarco, Steve Olker, Chris Glushko and Eric Wyman as well as first-time guest Brian Bavosa to talk about their special connection with this “quintessential Phish song.” Each guest also talks about their favorite Harry Hood. So sit back, feel good and enjoy this very special episode of Type II Cast.

Thanks for listening.

PS: Full versions of each Hood are posted in this supplement.

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Episode 56: Charlotte > St Louis > Oklahoma City (2012)

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We are in the home stretch now of our Summer 2012 reviews and it is bittersweet to say the least. I’m glad that we get a break from getting these reviews up as quick as possible, but sad that we have no more Phish shows until NYE. For this penultimate episode of the summer, I am joined by TWoL host and prior guest, Stephen Tuzeneu. Keeping the phormat here on Type II phresh, we decided to try out a “Power Hour”. We set a goal to finish the three show reviews in 60 minutes flat and bust out the clips without any introductions. Did we succeed? Tune in to find out.

Thanks for listening,


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Episode 50: OH>PA>OH (2012)

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You guys,

I’m gonna keep this one short. This episode covers the Riverbend > Starlake > Blossum run from Summer Tour 2012. Joining me are Tanya and past guest, friend of the show Josh Korin. This was a great three days and as expected it took us a while to cover everything. Great setlists, antics, whale calls, type 17, plinko, and even a bustout litter these six sets. Josh was lucky enough to hit all three, while Tanya and I were confined to the land of ghetto couch tour and a failing Live Phish app. We hold no grudges for missing out on a great run and enjoyed every minute of of our ten clips for the evening. Check back soon in the comments for the track listing.

Thanks for listening and we will see you guys after Alpine.


PS: We need Lushington signs at Jones Beach.

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Episode 30: Good Lord, Was it Alright.

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By the time you are reading this, Phish will have completed Leg 2 of their 2011 Summer Tour, but here at type II cast, we are just starting the reviews. This week, Scotty, Drew, and Eric tackle the first 3 shows, both Gorge and the Hollywood Bowl. As usual, we selected a few clips to highlight what makes these shows stand out. And we tried not to let future events effect our opinions, though Drew does step into the future machine once.

This post is gonna be another “No Spoilers” episode, as knowing the clips ahead of time could bias some of you out there. Feel free to voice your opinion below, we all check the blog from time to time.

Thanks to all the loyal listeners out there, stay tuned as next week we discuss Tahoe and Outside Lands.

- Steve

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Episode 29: The Lost Episodes, Leg 1 2011

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While everyone was waiting for the first night of Phish’s 2-night webcast from Lake Tahoe, the Type II crew got together to recover some missing territory. It’s been a busy summer and somehow we never got the chance to discuss the last five shows of Leg 1. The sticklers for detail that we are we thought it would be unjust to not at least cover our thoughts and favorite clips from Alpharetta, Charlotte, Raleigh and Portsmouth. Over the hour leading up to Tahoe we discussed our thoughts on webcasts, fan expectations and most of all some amazing musical moments. Here’s to a great tour and we’ll be back to cover the newest shows real soon.

- Eric

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Type II Episode 10: Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot

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Well, it’s that time of year! When we struggle to get through the holidays and get back to another Holiday Tour with Phish. This week Steve, Eric and Justin run through New Years shows from the past and discuss what makes a good show, what exactly was the best New Years show and some of their favorite moments from all the other days not marked 12/31 on the calendar.

This our final episode of 2010 and we want to thank everyone who has listened for their support and feedback!!! We’ll be back on 1/11/11 discussing what took place at this year in Worcester and New York, and listening to all the best moments. So we’ll see you then, Happy Holidays everybody!!

-The whole TypeIICast crew

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