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Episode 61: Select-A-YEM

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You Enjoy Myself. The quintessential Phish tune. It has everything: great composition, improvisation, fun antics, sports equipment, and a vocal jam. You love this song and it’s probably on the CD you gave to your little brother when you tried to turn him on to Phish. Having been played more than any other song in the band’s repertoire, doing a history in an hour podcast would be impossible. So contained within is how we chose to tackle the topic. The cast discusses some best versions, our personal favorites, trends over the years, and ultimately builds a Frankenstein-like YEM for the outro. Included in this discussion are panelists Chris Glushko, Josh Korin, and guest Charlie Dirksen. As we mention in the episode, there is simply too much to choose from, but we hope you will enjoy the few clips we did pick. What other YEM’s should we have discussed? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for listening. See everyone at MSG.


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