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Episode 75: Toronto > The Gorge (2013)

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On this episode of Type II Cast we review Toronto > The Gorge which was one hell of a run, in my humble opinion. It is my pleasure to be joined by panelist Scotty B and new guest to the show, Jefferson Waful. You guys may know Jeff from “Vine,” or possibly from doing lights for Umphrey’s McGee, but either way, his love and knowledge of the Phish goes deep. Together Scott and Jeff weave a trifecta of musical analysis, archival insight, and funny anecdotes to paint the picture of these three shows. Supplement that with the bucket full of clips we had to chose from and you are in for one hell of a ride.

Did we miss something? Do you know where the Wilson shirt came from? Is Possum a joke? Does length matter? If you know the answer to any of these questions leave us a note below. We will be back next week with recaps of Tahoe and San Francisco.

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Episode 69: The Great Went

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This week on the program we continue our effort to review all past Phish festivals, which, if you are playing along at home, means that we have landed at The Great Went. Phish’s first of three fests from Limestone, Maine, this was the band’s biggest concert to date and it definitely did not disappoint. Scotty B is in the driver’s seat for tonight and we are joined by Dave Calarco, Brian Bavosa, and Chris Bertolet. The cast covers everything from the tour leading up to The Went, the impact of this event on festivals to come, what the scene was like, and even the weather. It should be no surprise that we have pulled the best clips to represent this amazing event (spoiler: one is The Gin).

Have a memory from The Went you want to share? Leave a comment below. We will be back in two weeks, details to be determined. Thanks for listening,

- Steve

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Episode 22: Bethel Woods, 2011

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This week, Tanya, Sam, Scott, and I kick off the first of our summer tour reviews, starting with Bethel Woods. Luckily, 3/4 of the panel attended this one, thus being able to offer our thoughts at the time and then on second listen. Without spoiling too much, we all agreed that the first two nights were very solid, and while the third wasn’t horrible, it left a little to be desired. As usual, we had a tough time choosing clips, since there were many tasty nuggets, especially in the first sets of the first two nights. A lot of ground was covered in this hour long episode, discussing such topics as “meltdown jams” and “plinko”. And while everyone hates when we agree, there is not much debate about how this tour opener ranks. Be sure to listen all the way through and post your comments below. Our next episode is scheduled for Tuesday, 6/7/11, to discuss the PNC shows.

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PS: For the entirety of Summer Tour ’11, Type II Cast will review every show. We hope to get those reviews recorded within a week or two of the performance. We will not record on the normal Tuesday night schedule during this time. Stay tuned to twitter or Facebook or subscribe in iTunes in order to catch new episodes.

PPS: For a supplemental look at Bethel Woods, check out TWoL’s coverage of the scene.

(spoilers after the break)

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Type II Episode 9: A December to Remember.

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Continuing with our retrospective theme of the last few episodes, we have dedicated Episode 9 to the amazing music and stage antics that took place in December, 1995. Scotty opens by setting the historical context of this highly experimental month, laying the foundation for Tanya, Sam Steve and Scotty to share conversations about specific instances of musical and theatrical innovations that characterize the concluding month of the monster Fall Tour of 1995. The lead clip is Mike’s Song from Hershey, PA 12/1/95. Key points begin with audience participation, which was taken to the next level in ’95. To appreciate the unique relationship between Phish and their audience, 2 clips from the “Dog Log” show of 12/11/95 are played. Then Sam and Scotty engage in a spirited debate over the way Free was played at this time. Sam explains exactly what Trey is doing to create the whooshing sound heard in 2 different Free jams that are shared. This takes us to Scotty’s enthusiastic account of the awe-inspiring performance of You Enjoy Myself from Albany 12/9/95. He plays 2 clips to illustrate what an incredibly cohesive yet exploratory version of YEM went down at the Knick that night. Two more atypical versions of songs are also discussed and shared with clips: Tweezer > Slipknot! and Keyboard Cavalry, both from 12/14/95 (which became Live Phish 1). We wrap up with a final discussion of additional noteworthy moments, and take it out with the Bass Duet > La Grange from 12/29/95. It was certainly a December to Remember!


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